martes, 10 de mayo de 2011


omg! my favorite couple is dating again! guessing who?

look this photo of them on april 1, 2011 at the LAX airport...

i love them! 

lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

something that the world needs to hear:

i believe that everyone come to the world to be thereselfs, no pretending to be someone else.. just to like the others, but why do the people only critisize i mean nobodys perfect, everyone has problems, friends, family... why do people need to be so mean just because you dont have enough $ or friends that doesnt mean that you are different, that means that there are some people who just like to bully the others...

its enough thats why the earth is just going down and down, because we want to be perfect but we cant... god made us different because he didnt want robots... some people triump and the others just see the error they made or just because they are jealous!

be yourself! express yourself! dont care about other people thoughts... you are you! and that what matter in the earth! thats why we are different to be with someone who is the opposite of you! thats why for once and for all we need to be together as a community, as friends, as a family, as a world!

dont be afraid to talk... talk and made the people be afraid of you confidense of the security you have to talk!


domingo, 8 de mayo de 2011

True fact...

I just visited a friends blog... and i saw:


omg that is completly true! i mean who doesn´t read vogue, elle, glamour and many more magazines just to find out whats new, weird, or just fantastic to wear!

like this look:

who doesn´t have skinny jeans, flats, heels, skirts, scarfs! well the truth is that many people but well lets talk about trends! 
yesterday i just order a gladiator sandals i can´t wait to get them!
i´ll show you a picture of them when they arrive!
soo back on track... have you heard about vintage?

ohh yeah vintage i have a vintage bag its from dooneys & bourke! i should take a picture of it...
here are some vintage trends:

i love vintage fashion... i wish i could have some vintage shoes, anybody know where i could get some pair?
well my friends... here i ended 'cause i need to study for my biology test! 


Charlie Scheerer, isn't he SEXY?


He is smoking hot! and he is a model. I wish i meet him soon!

Well he had worked for Abercrombie... which models are just as sexy as him; and he also worked as a Polo model... i heard some people saying that his A&F images have become repetitive, well i don´t really care about it. I just need to say that he is just what the brand needs, that is a great body, smile and of course musles but at the end he is still one of my favorite male model. I mean every guy just want to be like him, he has fame, well money, because he works as a model, and of course girls aroung him. i love him, and i think there should be more guys like him. Charlie Scheerer is just what i/we need.

 Well here i finish my FIRST POST! i wish you like it! See you later...