domingo, 8 de mayo de 2011

Charlie Scheerer, isn't he SEXY?


He is smoking hot! and he is a model. I wish i meet him soon!

Well he had worked for Abercrombie... which models are just as sexy as him; and he also worked as a Polo model... i heard some people saying that his A&F images have become repetitive, well i don´t really care about it. I just need to say that he is just what the brand needs, that is a great body, smile and of course musles but at the end he is still one of my favorite male model. I mean every guy just want to be like him, he has fame, well money, because he works as a model, and of course girls aroung him. i love him, and i think there should be more guys like him. Charlie Scheerer is just what i/we need.

 Well here i finish my FIRST POST! i wish you like it! See you later... 

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  1. Hi Dianna! pretty blog and handsome guy! lol

    Would love if you stop by my blog and if you like follow each other??



  2. wow pretty