lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

something that the world needs to hear:

i believe that everyone come to the world to be thereselfs, no pretending to be someone else.. just to like the others, but why do the people only critisize i mean nobodys perfect, everyone has problems, friends, family... why do people need to be so mean just because you dont have enough $ or friends that doesnt mean that you are different, that means that there are some people who just like to bully the others...

its enough thats why the earth is just going down and down, because we want to be perfect but we cant... god made us different because he didnt want robots... some people triump and the others just see the error they made or just because they are jealous!

be yourself! express yourself! dont care about other people thoughts... you are you! and that what matter in the earth! thats why we are different to be with someone who is the opposite of you! thats why for once and for all we need to be together as a community, as friends, as a family, as a world!

dont be afraid to talk... talk and made the people be afraid of you confidense of the security you have to talk!


2 comentarios:

  1. nice blog...i feel the positive energy
    of this post..i like it :)

  2. these words were really pretty! I like how positive you are :)