domingo, 7 de agosto de 2011


I just went back home, i was on texas visiting a cousin and OMG guess who really went for shopping?
ME... i love summer sales they make me feel incrediblee... gosh i went to tommy hilfiger and i bought almost everything at such a great price! and calvin klein omg i love their braas and undies but if its says 34C why does it fits me like its 34B but well i still love it!... i got a 2 vintage style shoes at charlote russe omg they are soo pretty, one pair of them look like robin hood mini boots! i feel so crazy when i wear them! and the other ones look like my grandmas old shoes but who cares vintage is fashion! and fashion matters! i just couldnt find my reading glasses they all look horrible and i want them big, square and freaky! like the geeks ones, i love how they look!
and OMG some of the guys from texas were hotties!

love, eat, pray....FASHION!
au revoir mon amies!